Sunday, February 20, 2011

Swim Swim Fishy

After my failed attempt to learn guitar I tried to do the next best thing on my list of to-dos. Swimming! Oh yeah, alright! :P Our swim coach was a pretty good and patient lady well into her late 40s and she owned a private pool where we used to practice. That reminds me of my first class; all I did was blow bubbles :P for an hour I was just blowing bubbles in water LOL I also watched some videos in Youtube on how to swim... I felt ashamed when I saw a 1-month baby swimming all by himself ;-( the fear of water was one thing that I couldnt take off my mind *sigh* I practiced after coming from work in my apartment pool for hours till late in the night... drank water upteem times... took water into my nostrils - trust me its the worst thing you can do! And how can I forget getting swimmer's ears, even the ear drops did no good and coming back to my apt at 10pm drenched in chlorine and my fingers all ghost looking was not a great feeling.. add to it I had to prepare my dinner for the night... not sure why I'm cribbing about it. I guess the reason would be I still cant swim totally! Only inside water... :P I mean only with my head inside water... once I raise my head to take a breath.. my feet goes in in in and I start drowning... crazy huh... I need more practice with this. Learning guitar has come back again in my list... the love for music doesnt die .. does it? ;-)

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