Wednesday, January 26, 2011

INDIA - Like and Dislike

I do miss India when I'm away; after all isnt it my home? This 62nd Republic day makes me wonder what I "super like" and detest in my motherland. There are the same things that I love and hate at the same time... confusing huh? ;-) Like the attitude of the people; if you've been to Mumbai you know what I'm talking about. The never-say-die attitude works well in this competitive world; the people are tuned to survive in any given condition .. reminds me of cockroach; but arent the cockroaches surviving when the dinosaurs have become extinct? Let me stop talking about cockroaches as they are not on my fav list :P But the same attitude makes the politicians think they can give the people a very bad living condition and people wont still raise a concern. How many of us complain and how many of us turn a blind eye to it and live with it? Thats another reason why this attitude has caused the number one disease called Corruption. Another attitude of the people is the "chalta-hai" attitude which needs to really take a 180 deg turn to solve the current problems in the country. But I've hopes for the new India as most of the Indian population is in the 15-40 age group unlike other countries; so we are the change catalysts and I'm pretty sure in another 25 yrs things will become better as the old criminal politicians make way for the GenX to take on India. Till then I still need to dream of better India - with less pollution and corruption...

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