Monday, November 29, 2010


Received a mail from my school friend in India who has joined her daughter to school and said about all the good things they are teaching the kids there. Though it is good to hear such things - cuz back in the 90s very few schools taught skating, music, etc. atleast not in our school. And I do not regret it a bit. I feel our generation enjoyed lot more freedom and had a stress free life. After school we used to play in the bus stop and then reach home tired and dirty and eat a nice lunch prepared by mom... then a power nap in the afty. Then some studying and then it would be play time; we used to jump over the compound walls and run all around the town. Who was afraid of kidnapping then? Everything seemed so good and nice. Now-a-days the kids are stressed out in schools itself and they are busy attending music, dancing, art, etc classes whether they like it or not... things have changed... I liked it better then though... I pity the kids of today...


Blogger Vanitha Anand said...

Very true sabbu...but i still feel it all depends on the parents and how they want their kids to be.

Probably getting into so many things lets them to know where the interest lies. May be we did not have the chance to find it at all when we grew up.

It is like studying all those maths,science and history and geography to find out which one you can choose when you come out of high school.

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