Thursday, September 30, 2010

Kate & Leopold

Have been watching movies like crazy; some have been sort of okay; some were good; very few were great. This movie was good timepass I would say. Meg Ryan is one of favorite actresses in Hollywood; her dupe in Bollywood would be Kajol to certain extent; but I still adore Meg more. She might not be all dolled up but still she has a charm like none other. The major reason I wanted to see this movie was for her b/c I personally dont like Hugh Jackman lol ;-) I'm more of a Johnny Depp or George Clooney lover. :P So we used to have fights between us roomies on who was better and they took me to watch the movie "Australia"... I was looking at my watch every 15 mins on when I can go home; I've never felt so bored or out of patience in my life. Seriously, I dont really see anything that great in him. All these stories apart, I watched Kate & Leopold and just fell in love with Jackman; reason#1 he was clean shaved and looked like a gentleman in this movie. He sure is a good actor no doubt; but he changed my opinion about him after seeing this movie. His British accent is pretty good too; hes a good horse rider and entertains very well. Hes that perfect guy every gal wants .. ahem... just his character in this movie lol... I would rate it a 7/10

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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Thank you God!

When I moved to Arkansas last year I was very glad to find the right apartment which is just opposite to a lovely park. The first day I entered the park my idea of the US changed a bit. I always felt most of the places in the US were artificial even nature didnt look natural, but AR is different. When we were back from our LV trip, I was so really happy to be back to AR; so lovely, so peaceful, so simple yet so real. Everyday I go to the park I see a different pattern in the sky... a beautiful colored sky which I've never seen before in my life and seeing the moon through the leafless tall trees is so divine and I feel so close to God. Today was one such day, I saw a regal blue sky on one side of the park; on the other side was a greyish yellow sky with some clouds sprinkled carelessly and the horizon was a rosy. And there was the half moon between those huge trees and it took my breath away. Though these cannot be captured that beautifully by a camera as by the naked eye, I felt bad for not capturing it. Well, everyday I think I should carry my camera along as everyday the sky has its own spectrum of color but everyday I forget. But all these have just gotten me realize that I'm a pure nature lover and prefer the country side than the cities. :)