Thursday, March 18, 2010


Probably a bit late to review this movie. Saw this movie almost 3 weeks back and didnt like it much expect for the music! ARR rendered some really great music and Simbu has just started his acting career. :) Glad he was able to act w/o much shaking of his arms :P But this movie was nothing more than Gautham Menon's past which he made the whole world watch and some nuts even loved it saying they could relate w/ the movie. If thats the case, you seriously need to get a life. Anbil avan is like the new "maangalyam", the church organ playing in the middle of the song is simply devastating. Amazing music, great acting by Simbu w/ expresionless Trisha in an average Goutham movie. Post Scripts: Simbu looks good in the movie ;) and Trisha looks old :(

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