Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Bad romance

Yeah thats my current favorite from Lady Gaga :)
Well -13 deg and icy, yet I wanted to go home for lunch (weirdo!) And there I see in the all-white environment my car's rear tyre flat! That really freaked me, but decided to inflate it while coming back from lunch. So went to the gas station and droppped 75cents in the air machine which was covered w/ snow now turned into ice. That didnt start the machine and the gas station folks didnt own the machine, so they didnt have a clue. While I was calling the cust support guys on their number on the machine, a guy w/ his son in a truck stopped and offered help. I was hesistant to take help from a stranger but then he was God in disguise (really ;)) He dropped a quarter again into the machine and hit it hard w/ his hand and boom! .. it started working. As I thanked him, he knelt down to inflate my car's tyre w/ his son holding the hose. I was really moved and happy to see there are still people w/ humanity in them...

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