Wednesday, November 25, 2009

FountainHead Dialogue#9 - pg 354

Dominique came to Roark's room on the evening when Stoddard announced his lawsuit.
R: You're wrong. I dont feel that.
D: I dont want to know.
R: I want you to know. What you're thinking is much worse than the truth. I dont believe it matters to me - that they're going to destroy it. Maybe it hurts so much that I dont even know I'm hurt. But I dont think so. If you want to carry it for my sake, dont carry more than I do. I'm not capable of suffering completely. I never have. It goes only down to a certain point and then it stops. As long as there is that untouched point, its not really pain. You mustnt look like that.
D: Where does it stop?
R: Where I can think of nothing and feel nothing except that I designed that temple. I built it. Nothing else can seem very important.
D: You shouldnt have built it. You shouldnt have delivered it to the sort of thing they are doing.
R: That doesnt matter. Not even that they'll destroy it. Only that it had existed.


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