Wednesday, November 25, 2009

FountainHead Dialogue#8 - pg 353

Roark to Austen Heller after refusing to hire an attorney for his trial.
R: Austen, there are some rules I'm perfectly willing to obey. I'm willing to wear the kind of clothes everybody wears, to eat the same food and use the same subways. But there are some things which I cant do their way - and this is one of them.
A: What do you know abt the courtroom and laws? Hes going to win.
R: To win what?
A: His case.
R: Is the case of any importance? Theres nothing I can do to stop him from touching the building. He owns it. He can blast it off the face of the earth or make a glue factory out of it. He can do it whether I win the suit or lose it.


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