Wednesday, November 25, 2009

FountainHead Dialogue#7 - pg 340

After Roark appointed Mallory the sculptor for the Stoddard Temple...

M:You said something yesterday about a first law. A law demanding that man seek the best ... It was funny... The unrecognized genius - thats an old story. Have you ever thought of a much worse one - the genius recognized too well? That a great many men are poor fools who cant see the best - thats nothing. One cant get angry at that. But do you understand about the men who see it and dont want it?

R: No.

M: No. You wouldnt. I spent all night thinking about you. I didnt sleep at all. Do you know what your secret is? Its your terrible innocence. No its not funny. I know what I'm talking about - and you dont. You cant know. Its because of that absolute health of yours. You're so healthy that you cant conceive of disease. You know of it. But you dont really believe it. I do. I'm wiser than you are about some things, b/c I'm weaker. I understand - the other side. Thats what it did to me ... you saw yesterday.


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