Thursday, November 19, 2009

FountainHead Dialogue#6 - pg 327

Hopton Stoddard to Roark on building his temple of faith..

H:"So you see Mr.Roark, though it is to be a religious edifice, it is also more than that. You notice that we call it the Temple of the Human Spirit. We want to capture in stone, as others capture in music - not some narow creed, but the essence of all religion. And what is the essence of all religion? The great aspiration of the human spirit toward the highest, the noblest, the best. The human spirit as the creator and the conqueror of the ideal. The great life-giving force of the universe. The heroic human spirit. That is your assignment, Mr.Roark."

R:"Mr.Stoddard, I'm afraid you've made a mistake. I dont think I'm the man you want. I dont think it would be right for me to undertake it. I dont believe in God"

H:"That doesnt matter. You're a profoundly religious man, Mr.Roark -in your own way. I can see that in your buildings.
I wish to call it God. You may choose any other name. But what I want in that building is your spirit, Give me the best of that- and you will have done your job"


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