Monday, November 09, 2009

FountainHead dialogue#3 - pg 245

Keating discussing w/ Cook on the plan for her new house...

C: "And, Keating, I want the house to be ugly. Magnificiently ugly. I want it to be the ugliest house in New York."
K: "The ... ugliest, Miss Cook?"
C: "Sweetheart, the beautiful is so commonplace!"
K: "Yes, but ... but I ... well, I dont see how I could permit myself to ..."
C: "Keating, wheres your courage? Arent you capable of a sublime gesture on occasion? They all work so hard and struggle and suffer, trying to achieve beauty, trying to surpass one another in beauty. Lets surpass them all! Lets throw their sweaat in their face. Lets destroy them at one stroke. Lets be gods. Lets be ugly."


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