Saturday, November 28, 2009

FountainHead Dialogue#10 - pg 441

Peter Keating to Mrs.Keating (Dominique) on why she's no longer behaving like she used to before they were married.
D: Whats the real me?
P: Whats the real anyone? Its not just the body. Its ... its the soul.
D: What is the soul?
P: Its - you. The thing inside you.
D: The thing that values and makes decisions? So there are 2 things one cant give up: one's thoughts and one's desires?
P: Yes! Oh you do understand! So you see, you're like a corpse to everybody around you. A kindof walking death. Thats worse than any active crime. Its...
D: Negation?
P: Yes. Just blank negation. You're not here. You've never been here. If you'd tell me that the curtains in this room are ghastly and if you'd rip them off and put up some you like - something of you would be real, here, in this room. But you never have. You've never told the cook what dessert you liked for dinner. You're not here, Dominique. You're not alive. Where's your I?
D: Where's yours, Peter?


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