Saturday, October 17, 2009

Second Chance by Danielle Steel

Well yeah not quite impressed by the fairy tale as it was very predictive. The usual boy meets girl... things go smooth then some people who are born to spoil fairy tales drop in and then after all the hullabaloo boy and girl live peacefully ever after. Just that in this case it was a 42-yr old Fiona Monahagan and a 40-plus man John Anderson. Though I would kick the guy for chasing a female and forcing her to marry him even after knowing her life and then dumping her within a split second. The turning point for him is when hes on a date w/ another lady and he sees Fiona in the same restaurant in a tight skirt or whatever LOL ... how sick!! Anyway this is no spoiler so go ahead and read the book if you want to... I would rate it a 2 on 5.

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