Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Better go and get your armor

My blog has transformed to be a musical blog ;) but I try to unwind here and music is a part of me though I dont sing great but I do sing :)

This is one of my favorite songs currently when I drive and listen to FM ... its Battlefield by Jordin Sparks. She was the American Idol in one of the seasons and read somewhere that she wears a purity ring to remain a virgin until she gets married :)

Hope I can sing like she does... playing in my blog currently ;)
why does love always feel like a battlefield.... better go and get your armor...

Ahem... another one that I like currently is Fire Burning by Sean Kingston. Some rude people pass real nasty judgments on him since hes a bit big ... but why am I worried... I lurve his music!!! :)

Somebody call 911 Shawty fire burning on the dance floor ... hahaha ... very funny lyrics IMO :)

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Friday, September 18, 2009

Geo Cluster Event

The week went off so quickly ... but feeeling veryyy tired. Hope the event goes fine this Sunday!!! Will update soon... :)

09/24/09 the event went fine but our performance was "stage breaking" ... no we didnt dance, we just sang and that broke the stage :) DJ, food was good. But yeah a tiring week!! Watched the movie unnai pol oruvan by Kamal and Mohanlal I'd seen a bit of it in Hindi (A Wednesday) Naseeruddin shah's acting was commendable. Kamal has also portrayed the character well but yeah I prefer the hindi version!! :)

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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Racial attacks on Indians by Aussies

Didnt really want to delve with these topics on my blog but here I go. Read a news bit about yet another attack on Indians in Australia. This makes me really think - is Indian media making a huge hue and cry out of this. Agreed India is a unity-in-diversity country blah blah, but can we ignore those attacks on Biharis who come to Mumbai for their railway exams and get attacked by the so called MNS (Maharashtra Navnirman Sena) or Shiv Sainiks? What about the attacks on Tamilians in Bangalore by a section of the kannadiga populace? Its happening throughout India - why do we ignore the blot on our own attire and look for spots on others? Though our country is developing, the mindsets of the people have not yet developed. We still see North-South division, caste, religion,language discrimination. Only when the people change their minds will the country awake.

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Thursday, September 10, 2009

En Idhayathai Thirudi...

I cant get this song out of my head. Guess its by a group KathalViruz but nice beats and its a bit different ... sounds kinda like DJ Burn. But I like the way the guy sings ... nee thaan endradrum yen uyir kaathalay ... though he doesnt really say that :P (not that my tamil is great) ... but that makes it very fresh in my opinion!! :)

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Saturday, September 05, 2009

Arkansas Calling...

Well yeah... I moved a week back but did not get time to update my blog. So far so good... I'm loving this place... the people are also very good... :) I do miss all my buddies in Plano though. I'm slowly settling down and there are lot of parks and trails just a jump from my house. Thats pretty much for the updates part - just some mindless rambling ... some years down the lane I can look at this blog and get all memories before my eyes ... and they say only poets/actors/musicians/artists/painters including all celebrities can only leave a mark behind when they leave this world... I feel every blogger can also leave a mark :) unless Google decides to delete my a/c which would be so unfortunate ;)