Saturday, August 22, 2009

mirror mirror on the wall...whos the tastiest of them all? :)

Off late me and my roomie have been to Indian restaurants here like no tomorrow. Probably she got bugged w/ my "healthy" aka half cooked dishes and same w/ me. Having been to these bunch of places, I just thought of giving a small review on some. One of the best Indian restaurants in Dallas is Chettinaad Palace. The buffets are the best or you can also order the thaali! Madras Pavilion is another good place to eat but this one is a pure vegeterian. I also like Ruchi Palace for the ambience and also the food variety which is also cheapest of the bunch! :) Another place that has left a mark on my tongue :P is Pasand, if you love spicy food this ones for you. :) And how can I forget Iravat, one of the good restaurants here with a pretty good service and good food. Have also been to pretty bad ones ... one of them which was and is still gross is Rice and Roll... it simply sucks big time for the food quality. Its cheap and so is the food.

Soon moving away from this place... will surely miss the taste of Dallas/Plano!!!


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