Friday, July 31, 2009

Whats cooking? **Capsicum Rice**

Alright, so the bell peppers were almost getting rotten, so I thought of making this for dinner tonight. I'd a heavy team lunch so didnt go for the farewell dinner and had to cook something **sighs**. So heres the recipe (God thats a lot of "so"s hmm)

Step#1 -> Dry roast the following (in the order given) and then grind them (I've got Preethi mixie so it grinds to a really good consistency :))
dried red chillies(3),mustard seeds(1tsp), urad dal(1tbsp), cumin seeds(2tsp), peanuts(15), curry leaves
Once the above is ground add corainder powder(2tbsp) and garam masala(1tbsp)

Step#2 -> Now saute bell peppers in lil bit of olive oil and do not overcook it (I like it crunchy and its more healthy that way :P) then add this ground powder (from step1)
Add lil water so that it cooks soon and then add the cooked rice to it and gently mix them so that the rice doesnt break and dont forget to add salt :)



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