Friday, May 22, 2009

Oh Butterfly butterfly ...

A beautiful song from the movie Meera composed by Ilayaraja the music maestro. Listen this song here - (psst... Vikram is a treat for the eyes in this song)

Oh butterfly...butterfly...

yen viriththaai siragai.. (why did you open your wings)

arugil nee varuvaayo unakkaaga thirandhen manadhin kadhavai (will you come closer, I opened the doors of my heart for you)

yenaiyum dhaan unaippole padaiththaane iraivan yenum oar thalaivan (Lord the master created me just like you)

nerungumbodhu ahappadaamal parandhu pogiraai (when I come closer you fly away)

nizhalaip pola thodarum yennai marandhu pogiraai (You forget me whos following you like a shadow)

aahaa unakku yaarum thadaiyum ingu vidhippadhillaiye aahaa yenakkum kooda adimaikkolam pidippadhillaiye(Nobody has set a limit for you and so do I detest bondage)

unai naan sandhiththen...unaiye sindhiththen yenai nee inai serum thirunaal varumo ( I met you and I thought about you ... when will the auspicious day arrive when we meet?)

I remember catching butterflies as a kindergarten kid with my brothers and putting them in a big bag... I feel bad now for doing such a gory thing... but then once home we used to set them free... I used to catch like 50 yellow butterflies and get the color of its wings on my tiny fingers. Those things are forgiven being a kid... I respect and love nature now... :)


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