Thursday, May 07, 2009

Namma Chennai

The first Indian city to go Wi-Fi by this June. Was really thrilled to read this news. Now what can I say bout Chennai. I love it as this is the first place in Tamil Nadu I started living. Been an ardent fan of tamizh language and should thank ARR & Maniratnam for Alaipayuthey to get me love Tamizh even more. All this which triggered my decision to start my career in Chennai. I loved Chennai than other cities for its simplicity and the authentic taste of Tamil Nadu that still lingers there. It has that traditional touch to it which I've not seen in Mumbai or Bangalore. I cant compare Chennai and Mumbai. I love them both but have a soft corner for Chennai. Talk about the beaches where you can go by EOD with your friends and watch the waves. The restaurants on the ECR which would be the Friday team lunch spots. The serene churches which stand unruffled by the busy city traffic and you would want to go everyday. The shops at TNagar or the post-Spencer malls (which would be a pain at times) but a good weekend outing.
Aringar Anna once said in the 60s "Vadaku vazhargirathu, therku teygirathu" Anna should be happy to see the developments in Chennai now. Enga ponalum Chennai maari varuma. :) I hate the hot weather and the water tho lol ;)
In picture - the Santhome Basilica ... for me it represents Chennai!!


Blogger Michael said...

Hmm.. wow! I didnt know this.. The first city.. thats really cool.. Would love to see it FINALLY happen..

Sunday, May 31, 2009 9:15:00 AM  

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