Monday, May 18, 2009

Angels and Demons

My most favorite Dan Brown book ... I read Da Vinci Code before reading this one. Thanks to YJ for lending me those two books when I started reading fiction in 2004 :P The movie released on 05/15 but I've not yet seen the movie. I dont feel like spending 15$ for a movie when I can watch at dollar theatre in another 4 months. I personally liked Angels and Demons more than Da Vinci Code which was more popular than the former. It reminds me of those days in 2004 when I was working for my second company and used to travel 6 hrs to and fro... and this book was my companion from the Harbour line train to Central line train to the Western line train. Man what a life!! It was almost hell... the only thing that didnt really make it hell was the great gang back at office which made me forget the travel. But NOW I cannot imagine myself working in Mumbai ... its a very tough life. I prefer any other Indian city than Mumbai... I hate Banglore though ... it has a bad traffic... Chennai is best in that aspect... travelling is a breeze. And more than anything else... US is the best in terms of quality of life... travelling is even easier when my car is around... ok back to the topic... looks like A&D is a must watch movie... but I would rather read the book again than watch the movie. I feel I can imagine the characters and the Vatican setup better than the movie... thats too much thaaan... but a fact! :)


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