Tuesday, February 03, 2009


We only part to meet again. ~John Gay
Sounds cheesy? Might be true... b/c I live in the present and would be more than happy to meet my old friends and acquaintances but it hasnt really happened with me ... fortunately or unfortunately. It was Purva's farewell last Friday and I love the concept of people coming together be it a farewell or whatever. Well, it started out to be a flop as we headed to PF Chang's and couldnt find a space for 22 people. PF Changs remind me of something which I'm trying to forget :P but I cant forget the lettuce wraps ;) ... thats the reason I chose PF Changs to be THE place. Anyway, we ended up in an equally better place ... it was Thai... I know its like comparing apples and oranges but who cares ... we all enjoyed the food and had fun... which we wouldnt have had in that oh-so-crowded PF Changs ... thats what matters in the end correct? :)


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