Saturday, January 17, 2009


I remember the days I used to fuel up my body in the mornings with a heavy breaky. But now its nothing but a banana and a glass of milk. I snack on my favorite yoplait during mid-morning. I guess kids love it a lot but so am I addicted to it and the various flavors they have in it. Okay am not promoting but its reaaaally good. :) yummy!
Weekends are just a glass of milk and its very boring to cook ... I decided to get shell macroni to spice up my Saturday mornings. This is a very simple dish for all the confused people who dont know what to cook and are a bit of health freak like me...
Any macroni (I'd the shelled one)
Mixed veggies (I'd carrots, beans, corns and peas)
tomato ketchup
lemon extract
salt (if you need ... I didnt add)
Heat the macroni in the microwave in water just to cover it. Cook the veggies ... you can cook it with macroni but remember when you drain water from the macroni you might also end up losing some of the precious vitamins from the veggies. Took me just 5 minutes on the microwave. Now add a few drops of lemon extract and sprinkle pepper and add little ketchup and a bit of cilantro. A good healthy breakfast is all for you.

Listen to this beautiful song when you have this dish ...I'm yours by Jason Mraz... amazing guitar and his voice cant get better than that ... thank God for such talents around! :) Thats my next posting... baha :)


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