Monday, November 17, 2008

Vaaranam Aayiram...

A first day and not exactly the first show the last weekend. It was an okay movie, but the movie ought to be watched atleast once for namma Surya. He really "swept us by the feet" ... which he keeps saying over and again in the movie. He looks great ... I'm not in "de-nile" ... looks like hes lost a few pounds and also lost some age! :) It describes the relationship between a father and son. Another reason to watch this movie could be Harris Jeyaraj ... though as always hes inspired by some of the English numbers but those are just the background scores. His music rocks! Mundhinam Parthene's score from George Michael's Faith but Naresh Iyer has sung it really well. I loved the song Nenjikul Peidhidum which was beautifully sung by Hariharan. Claps for him! :) In gist, this movie is a must watch ... though I wont rate it as a great movie ... its a good timepass! ;)


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