Wednesday, November 05, 2008

This is my November ... :P

So the finger crossing phase is over as I got into the new project which I was interviewed for. The feeling of clearing the interview was more better than getting into a project ... you know what I mean? ;) Next my pathetic car hunt begins which is not ending... never mind! But my car fax will expire soon which I do mind :P

Daylight Savings ended last Sunday and I didnt really feel like I slept more that morning as we went for the 8am mass rather than the 9.30am one which made me to rise and shine by 7am which basically was 8am in the Daylight Savings world ... which essentially means I didnt sleep one hour more ... infact I woke up one hour early! ;) Huh???!!!!!!

Halloween was very festive just like last year. The kids and the parents were decked up in their halloween costumes ready to hit the parade that usually happens in the Home Office... it was neat and so exciting to see lot of cute babies dressed up like cindrella, frogs, pirates, pumpkins and what not?!! :) That was indeed crazy!

And Obama won ... though I didnt vote... as if I'd the right to vote :P But must admit US is a very open minded country unlike most of the others that can break the rules. This country is remarkable in terms of accepting everyone ... no bias ... quite fair.

Where do I see Fall Colors? Head Arkansas!! :)


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