Friday, November 28, 2008

M for Mumbai

While the biggest day of the Retail industry was going on in full swing in the US, my heart was still in Mumbai. Though its been quite some time I've been out of there, but I can still feel the vibe of Mumbai. They say, all cities are the same ... crowded, dirty, blah blah blah. But Mumbai IS different and thats why the repeated attacks on it. Its the only city in India which will really make you a person and teach you a million things. The enthusiasm never stops be it whatever festival. Why so much hatred in the name of religion? And why common man? Common man has never been indifferent to people with varied religions. When we dont have hatred toward our friends who are Hindus, Muslims, Christians or whatever religion, why do the terroists have to attack such people? Some questions cannot be answered and this is one of them. And imagining such a hatred from this generation is unbelievable! The only antedote to this is inter-religion marriages. Better than that, become atheists! Its better to not believe in God than to blindly follow a religion and kill people in its name. God will surely not mind it, I bet!


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