Friday, November 14, 2008

Lovely Arkansas!!!!

Sometimes you feel like the week is very short. But last week was very long for me. Got my first car and we went for the Arkansas trip which was not planned ... just happened on the fly. The Arkansas trip was one helluva trip. Though the fall colors were not in their peak; I enjoyed the trip a lot. The Oklahoma roads were mesmerizing ... those uphills and downhills really made me feel like I was in Six Flags. Anyway, lot of memories and beautiful stuff which cannot be expressed in words here ... so I'll stop writing and put some pics to get the feel of the trip. :)

#1 In the woods.... and on my desktop ... :)
#2 Everyone had to climb down the rocks to reach here ... just for mokkai pics...

#3 Hum-mer ko sirf road-se pyaar hai...


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