Thursday, November 27, 2008


Its the day before Thanksgiving and I was working today. By evening I was really bugged sitting at home, so we thought of going for a movie. Now zeroing on a movie which everyone can understand has been a major problem from the beginning. So we decided to go for an English movie. I was okay with Bolt. So we headed to AMC to watch Bolt and that was a really good decision to watch that movie. It was mindblowing as we got to watch it 3D just in time. :) I loved Bolt the dog and the cat Mittens was adorable along with the hamster named Rhino which was fabulous. I've been an animation fan and this movie was truly good. I was really touched by it and by the end of the movie I needed a dog badly :) I'm sure everyone will want to have a pet. My rating 8.5/10!! :)


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