Friday, November 28, 2008

M for Mumbai

While the biggest day of the Retail industry was going on in full swing in the US, my heart was still in Mumbai. Though its been quite some time I've been out of there, but I can still feel the vibe of Mumbai. They say, all cities are the same ... crowded, dirty, blah blah blah. But Mumbai IS different and thats why the repeated attacks on it. Its the only city in India which will really make you a person and teach you a million things. The enthusiasm never stops be it whatever festival. Why so much hatred in the name of religion? And why common man? Common man has never been indifferent to people with varied religions. When we dont have hatred toward our friends who are Hindus, Muslims, Christians or whatever religion, why do the terroists have to attack such people? Some questions cannot be answered and this is one of them. And imagining such a hatred from this generation is unbelievable! The only antedote to this is inter-religion marriages. Better than that, become atheists! Its better to not believe in God than to blindly follow a religion and kill people in its name. God will surely not mind it, I bet!

Thursday, November 27, 2008


Its the day before Thanksgiving and I was working today. By evening I was really bugged sitting at home, so we thought of going for a movie. Now zeroing on a movie which everyone can understand has been a major problem from the beginning. So we decided to go for an English movie. I was okay with Bolt. So we headed to AMC to watch Bolt and that was a really good decision to watch that movie. It was mindblowing as we got to watch it 3D just in time. :) I loved Bolt the dog and the cat Mittens was adorable along with the hamster named Rhino which was fabulous. I've been an animation fan and this movie was truly good. I was really touched by it and by the end of the movie I needed a dog badly :) I'm sure everyone will want to have a pet. My rating 8.5/10!! :)

Monday, November 17, 2008

Vaaranam Aayiram...

A first day and not exactly the first show the last weekend. It was an okay movie, but the movie ought to be watched atleast once for namma Surya. He really "swept us by the feet" ... which he keeps saying over and again in the movie. He looks great ... I'm not in "de-nile" ... looks like hes lost a few pounds and also lost some age! :) It describes the relationship between a father and son. Another reason to watch this movie could be Harris Jeyaraj ... though as always hes inspired by some of the English numbers but those are just the background scores. His music rocks! Mundhinam Parthene's score from George Michael's Faith but Naresh Iyer has sung it really well. I loved the song Nenjikul Peidhidum which was beautifully sung by Hariharan. Claps for him! :) In gist, this movie is a must watch ... though I wont rate it as a great movie ... its a good timepass! ;)

Friday, November 14, 2008

Lovely Arkansas!!!!

Sometimes you feel like the week is very short. But last week was very long for me. Got my first car and we went for the Arkansas trip which was not planned ... just happened on the fly. The Arkansas trip was one helluva trip. Though the fall colors were not in their peak; I enjoyed the trip a lot. The Oklahoma roads were mesmerizing ... those uphills and downhills really made me feel like I was in Six Flags. Anyway, lot of memories and beautiful stuff which cannot be expressed in words here ... so I'll stop writing and put some pics to get the feel of the trip. :)

#1 In the woods.... and on my desktop ... :)
#2 Everyone had to climb down the rocks to reach here ... just for mokkai pics...

#3 Hum-mer ko sirf road-se pyaar hai...

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

This is my November ... :P

So the finger crossing phase is over as I got into the new project which I was interviewed for. The feeling of clearing the interview was more better than getting into a project ... you know what I mean? ;) Next my pathetic car hunt begins which is not ending... never mind! But my car fax will expire soon which I do mind :P

Daylight Savings ended last Sunday and I didnt really feel like I slept more that morning as we went for the 8am mass rather than the 9.30am one which made me to rise and shine by 7am which basically was 8am in the Daylight Savings world ... which essentially means I didnt sleep one hour more ... infact I woke up one hour early! ;) Huh???!!!!!!

Halloween was very festive just like last year. The kids and the parents were decked up in their halloween costumes ready to hit the parade that usually happens in the Home Office... it was neat and so exciting to see lot of cute babies dressed up like cindrella, frogs, pirates, pumpkins and what not?!! :) That was indeed crazy!

And Obama won ... though I didnt vote... as if I'd the right to vote :P But must admit US is a very open minded country unlike most of the others that can break the rules. This country is remarkable in terms of accepting everyone ... no bias ... quite fair.

Where do I see Fall Colors? Head Arkansas!! :)