Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Let's go G.N.O.

Okay it wasn’t exactly a N.O. (Night Out) but yeah it was a G. It was my roomie’s bday and we’d arranged a surprise party for her. Me and my other roomie got 2 chocolate cakes for her and also some gift cards and we were all set to celebrate the little gal’s bday. As always I couldn’t wait till 12 am so I went and slept off and woke up by 11.30 to “arrange”. Balloons and candles were all in place and the clock struck 12 and we yelled a Happpy Bday song as some of our other friends joined in. It was really gross when there was a cake smearing contest going around. I wished they had chosen a different battlefield for this cake attack. But it was an all gals team and we enjoyed the fun. Finally the cake was given justice to be put into our mouths. Once done we all started the DJ nite … playing those telugu, tamil, hindi and English numbers. Once we were tired cheering and dancing, it was time to turn into little kids and play some real funny games like Parrot Dead, Truth/Dare and all that crap. We didn’t expect to stay up till 4 in the morn doing such kiddo stuff but we enjoyed thoroughly. This is one of those moments I’m going to cherish. :) Btw thats the invite I'd sent out - didnt get time to really make those circles well rounded. :P


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