Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I'm Too Blessed To Be Stressed

Lot of things happening around ... blame it on the Global Economic Meltdown ... my project was among the ones which got shelved! ;) On top of it Vanitha and Shals are reading my blog, which I'd strictly warned them not to :P ... but I dont care if you gals continue reading this! Have you encountered a situation where you've to keep your fingers crossed? I've encountered it a zillion times but October 2008 has set a record as I've already encountered it twice. ;) One encounter is already over and the next is happening now... I should be knowing it by EOD but I'm far more composed. I guess with each such encounter my composition level (???) just raises the bar :P I've already got an IF... THEN... ELSE going on in my head ... but I'm not ready to execute it yet. I'll wait till it happens and then be glad its in the IF block rather than the ELSE block. Did that make sense? :) I hope not! ;)


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