Monday, October 20, 2008

Diwali Mela @ Dallas Cowboys Texas Stadium

So there we were, all decked up for the Diwali Mela on 10/18 Saturday. Needless to say, we left home by 5.30pm instead of 4pm. But then I realized how important it was to reach a bit late as all we could see were lot of kiddo stuff like magic shows and some activities for them. I was almost determined to leave by 7.30pm but thankfully, other bunch of friends dropped in and then started the fun. First we sat in for the dance show which was a good performance. The HK Gidha group of gals performed their traditional dance (pictured above) which was a live singing and dancing ... which I should say was mindblowing! After all these performances, we got to know that there would be a DJ Nite sorts. Now this is what we were waiting for! Once the DJ started the music, the folks were on the dance floor (apparently it wasnt really a floor ... but then who cares?) The DJ couldnt stop those Punjabi numbers and we couldnt stop dancing. So much so that some americans also joined us and it was really surprising to see them following our steps and dancing so gracefully. That was really nice and the best part where we enjoyed to the hilt. Then we went into the stadium for the RamLeela and Vinod Rathore's show. I ought to say those also were great! I've never seen a RamLeela live and this was really good given the huge stadium. We reached home by 12.30am and I was surprised at my estimation skills. I'd estimated us to be home by 9pm max! :P But I do not regret being at the Diwali Mela and enjoying myself thoroughly. :)

PS(Note for Radesh): Around 50k people had turned in and yes it was really huge!


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