Thursday, October 16, 2008

तेरे बिन मैं यू कैसे जीया ...

Aatif Aslam ... my grey cells associate this very name with an amazing voice. I've been listening to this song of his for the past one year and I just cant get enough of it. Its just sooo good. Didnt know what to do with my spare time so only the first stanza of the lyrics follows... what about the second stanza you would ask :P ... well I'm too lazy to write the second stanza in hindi and also I dont really remember the second stanza ... so enjoy if you can read hindi... for the illiterates... its tere bin by Atif Aslam...

तेरे बिन मैं यू कैसे
जीया, कैसे जीया तेरे बिन
लेकर याद तेरी, रातें मेरी कटी
मुझसे बातें तेरी, करती है चाँदनी
तन्हा है, तुझ बिन रातें मेरी
दिन मेरे, के जैसे नहीं
तन्हा बदन, तन्हा है रूह, नम मेरी आखें रहे
आजा मेरे अब रूबरू, जीना नही बिन तेरे
तेरे बिन ...


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