Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I'm Too Blessed To Be Stressed

Lot of things happening around ... blame it on the Global Economic Meltdown ... my project was among the ones which got shelved! ;) On top of it Vanitha and Shals are reading my blog, which I'd strictly warned them not to :P ... but I dont care if you gals continue reading this! Have you encountered a situation where you've to keep your fingers crossed? I've encountered it a zillion times but October 2008 has set a record as I've already encountered it twice. ;) One encounter is already over and the next is happening now... I should be knowing it by EOD but I'm far more composed. I guess with each such encounter my composition level (???) just raises the bar :P I've already got an IF... THEN... ELSE going on in my head ... but I'm not ready to execute it yet. I'll wait till it happens and then be glad its in the IF block rather than the ELSE block. Did that make sense? :) I hope not! ;)

Monday, October 20, 2008

Diwali Mela @ Dallas Cowboys Texas Stadium

So there we were, all decked up for the Diwali Mela on 10/18 Saturday. Needless to say, we left home by 5.30pm instead of 4pm. But then I realized how important it was to reach a bit late as all we could see were lot of kiddo stuff like magic shows and some activities for them. I was almost determined to leave by 7.30pm but thankfully, other bunch of friends dropped in and then started the fun. First we sat in for the dance show which was a good performance. The HK Gidha group of gals performed their traditional dance (pictured above) which was a live singing and dancing ... which I should say was mindblowing! After all these performances, we got to know that there would be a DJ Nite sorts. Now this is what we were waiting for! Once the DJ started the music, the folks were on the dance floor (apparently it wasnt really a floor ... but then who cares?) The DJ couldnt stop those Punjabi numbers and we couldnt stop dancing. So much so that some americans also joined us and it was really surprising to see them following our steps and dancing so gracefully. That was really nice and the best part where we enjoyed to the hilt. Then we went into the stadium for the RamLeela and Vinod Rathore's show. I ought to say those also were great! I've never seen a RamLeela live and this was really good given the huge stadium. We reached home by 12.30am and I was surprised at my estimation skills. I'd estimated us to be home by 9pm max! :P But I do not regret being at the Diwali Mela and enjoying myself thoroughly. :)

PS(Note for Radesh): Around 50k people had turned in and yes it was really huge!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Understand Life; Laugh at its jokes

Life is a mystery they say and I've realized how true it is. You just never know whats going to happen next ... just like the global financial crisis which has changed many people's lives and will change too in the next 2-3 years. Hopefully things might get stabilized in another 4 yrs time I hope. Am no Nostradamus... but just following my intuition like any other person.

There are many who plan their lives and think before making even a single little step. But sometimes things dont go as per their plans. As the Joker said in Dark Knight "If things dont go as per your plans; you panic". Sometimes life plays a joke on you and whatever you'd planned goes for a toss. I'm not a great planner but I've somehow come to trust His plans. If something happens like some major change - I know He is looking over me and its His job which really makes me happy. Ofcourse different people react differently to situations but knowing that life will always be a mystery and believing that there is a supernatural power who controls your life; you can understand how to handle life rather than life handling you.

Give a positive meaning to a noxious experience and it'll make it easier for you to cope with.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

तेरे बिन मैं यू कैसे जीया ...

Aatif Aslam ... my grey cells associate this very name with an amazing voice. I've been listening to this song of his for the past one year and I just cant get enough of it. Its just sooo good. Didnt know what to do with my spare time so only the first stanza of the lyrics follows... what about the second stanza you would ask :P ... well I'm too lazy to write the second stanza in hindi and also I dont really remember the second stanza ... so enjoy if you can read hindi... for the illiterates... its tere bin by Atif Aslam...

तेरे बिन मैं यू कैसे
जीया, कैसे जीया तेरे बिन
लेकर याद तेरी, रातें मेरी कटी
मुझसे बातें तेरी, करती है चाँदनी
तन्हा है, तुझ बिन रातें मेरी
दिन मेरे, के जैसे नहीं
तन्हा बदन, तन्हा है रूह, नम मेरी आखें रहे
आजा मेरे अब रूबरू, जीना नही बिन तेरे
तेरे बिन ...

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Let's go G.N.O.

Okay it wasn’t exactly a N.O. (Night Out) but yeah it was a G. It was my roomie’s bday and we’d arranged a surprise party for her. Me and my other roomie got 2 chocolate cakes for her and also some gift cards and we were all set to celebrate the little gal’s bday. As always I couldn’t wait till 12 am so I went and slept off and woke up by 11.30 to “arrange”. Balloons and candles were all in place and the clock struck 12 and we yelled a Happpy Bday song as some of our other friends joined in. It was really gross when there was a cake smearing contest going around. I wished they had chosen a different battlefield for this cake attack. But it was an all gals team and we enjoyed the fun. Finally the cake was given justice to be put into our mouths. Once done we all started the DJ nite … playing those telugu, tamil, hindi and English numbers. Once we were tired cheering and dancing, it was time to turn into little kids and play some real funny games like Parrot Dead, Truth/Dare and all that crap. We didn’t expect to stay up till 4 in the morn doing such kiddo stuff but we enjoyed thoroughly. This is one of those moments I’m going to cherish. :) Btw thats the invite I'd sent out - didnt get time to really make those circles well rounded. :P

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

What is love? ;)

Today my friend was very curious to know if there was something called “prepone” as her Irish team mate was sure there wasn’t anything like that. I said we do have a word prepone .. though the dictionary doesn’t really recognize it. To prove myself correct, I googled for the word… and when I did a define space in the search box and I saw a list of items for define (thanks to AJAX! … but I’m not going to talk about AJAX here) ... the first item in the dropdown list was love! :)

How can you define love? It really amused me that there could be definitions for love. But I’ll try to define love here, from my experiences ;) … love is something to be felt. I’m not really a proponent of the love-@-first-sight theory. If love were to happen at first sight, then its not defined love … that’s attraction… now attraction might or might not lead to love. Why I say this is b/c if you truly want to love somebody, your mind needs to hit the beach and your heart needs to do all the talking ... when mind rules there cannot be love … there can only be calculations … b/c the mind is taught or groomed that way… it takes courage to use the heart and be totally innocent and see no present, past, future of a relationship… only when you are truly open, can you feel love…. I don’t propose that you need to be totally dumb when to fall in love… ofcourse you can have some of your preferences… but what really matters in the end is genuineness. To find a genuine person is so difficult in today’s world… b/c the mind does all the talking. Mind is result oriented whereas heart is pure and innocent. Mind wants things to be manufactured … to be so perfect… heart accepts flaws and is genuine…

Would like to quote Osho here – Millions of people are suffering: they want to be loved but they don't know how to love. And love cannot exist as a monologue; it is a dialogue, a very harmonious dialogue.

I'm fortunate like my friend to be in love ... not once but many a times ;)