Monday, September 29, 2008

Oh So Boring...

I'm feeling so bugged and I need to go to USPS to drop a parcel and I can leave only after 5 minutes which even more kills me and I thought why not hit my blog and put a post and now my head is spinning as I dont know what to write and its not 4.45 yet ... 4 more minutes to go... the day was so boring... had a meeting for a new request which got closed... less work... whatever... have got some work on my plate but am feeling so bored to take that up... dont know why its so boring today... maybe cuz its monday and hey its 4.43 now... cool 2 more minutes... am crazy and am thinking I'll probably delete this post sometime .. but I know I wont delete... and its 4.44 got a mail from Vasanth about somebody's bday... and Shals says its Sanjay's bday ... ohh we are at this Old place and those guys have moved to Rancho... wish we were there for the 12am cake facial... forget it... yippeeee 4.45 ..doneee... :)


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