Sunday, August 03, 2008

We come to your feast

This is one of favorite hymns. I've never heard it when I was in India ... the church here sings this hymn which is amazingly beautiful with the piano played wonderfully. Try listening to Michael Joncas on IMEEM ... you'll know what I mean! :) Embedding it here...

We place upon Your table a gleaming cloth of white
The weaving of our stories, the fabric of our lives,
The dreams of those before us, the ancient hopeful cries,
The promise of our future, our needing and our nurture
Lie here before our lives.

We come to Your feast, we come to your feast,
the young and the old, the frightened ,the bold, -CHORUS
the greatest and the least.
We come to your Feast, we come to your Feast,
with the fruit of our lands and the work of our hands
we come to your feast

We place upon Your table a humble loaf of bread,
The gift of field and hillside, the grain by which we're fed,
We come to taste the presence, of him whom we feed,
To strengthen and connect us, to challenge and correct us,
To love in word and deed. (CHORUS)

We place upon Your Table a simple cup of wine,
The fruit of human labour, the gift of sun and vine
We come taste the presence of him we claim as Lord
His dying and his living, his leading and his giving,
his love in cup out pour. (CHORUS)

Show me your power Lord! :) Drive the satans in this world out of our lives ...


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