Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Raindrops keep falling on my head ...

Anyone ask me whats my most favorite season of the year and it has to be the monsoon. I write this while its drizzling beautifully outside. I love water and monsoon brings back those precious moments of my childhood. We friends used to get drenched in the rain on our way back home from school and the fun waited when my mom would answer that non-stop ringing door bell. She would have got an oscar for that horrendous look. :P

Mumbai is said to be a very dirty place, but even Mumbai looks lovely during monsoon. I've cherished every bit of it. But there are other places which have left a great impression in my mind ... Tungareshwar is one of them. The first time I went there was as an eighth grader and the place was no less than mindblowing. And I always crib God never answers my prayer, but He did answer it when we were taken there again for our Tenth grade hike. I couldnt have loved God more and this time I enjoyed more than ever. How could I not with all those great friends of mine! Even if I'm to die today, I would never regret that I missed something in life. I've lived every moment and in monsoon I've most of my great memories.


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