Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Puerto Rico

is a self-governing unincorporated territory of the United States - quotes Wikipedia; something I can totally rely on rather than my sad geographical knowledge. Puerto Rico was always confined to the geography books and I guess it was a chapter out-of-syallbus and that explains why I dont know much about Puerto Rico. Awesomeness! My justifications are sometimes big time bull crap. I was ignorant okay! Today my friend asked me how to pronounce Puerto Rico as her Irish manager could not quite decipher her Indian way of pronouncing this. Puerto Rico, ring a bell? Oh Yeah! Just to prove her I was a walking dictionary and knew how to pronounce stuff, I tried to check how to pronounce this. Wondered it should be pure-to-ree-ko! I yelled "Holy crap!" when I saw how to pronounce it. Pwerto-reeko. And now I understand why her manager didnt understand what she meant.
Me: "Hey machi, you need to say pwerto-reeko." *full of pride*
My friend: "Oh is it machi ... I'll go and flaunt it to him. By the way he told me ... now you know why I pronounce Shraaat as Shraaat"
*Shraaat = Sharath :P


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