Tuesday, July 29, 2008

No Strings Attached

For a long time, I wanted to get my hands on this instrument and it still remains a dream. Guitar is my favorite musical instrument and soothes my mind whenever I listen to it. Saxophone is another one but I would talk about my first love "guitar" here. Right from the church choir to Jimi Hendrix, folks use it to add beauty to any song and hymn. I'm not a big Indian Idol fan; but our very first blue-eyed Indian idol Abijeet Sawant has an amazing voice ... not that I liked all his songs. His album Junoon which was released last year showed that he had some depth in his voice. I was listening to "Ek Shaqs" from his album and its just so beautiful. The guitar cant get better than that. Got to know that this song was especially dedicated by Abishek to his girl friend who broke up - blame it on fame a la Justin Timberlake ishtyle. Whatever! I atleast got to listen to this wonderful composition ... especially the guitar... it blows my mind ... whoever did it ...has done an excellent job!! :) Again this is one of those songs that make me dance. All I can say is wow!!! :) To Do: Buy an acoustic guitar.


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