Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Hug O' War

Did it send a wrong signal? I just meant the Os not the Xs. ;)

The "pyaar ki jhappi" that munnabhai propogated is a wonderful sign of affection. I've hugged small kids and it feels good. I like to hug my mom everyday in the morning and it makes my day! I think hugging is encouraged in every country unlike kissing. Ofcourse, there have been controversies revolving some top women leaders hugging their male counterparts; we'll keep these out of discussion here. Whenever I go into a soft toys store, first thing I love to do is to hug the teddy bear. Wow! I bet, you cant feel better than that after that beary hug. Hug speaks the universal language of "I care for you and appreciate you in my life".
Someone told me the post doesnt look complete. Something was supposed to be "missing". So I've added a sweet picture? Does this feel better now? ;)
Be the change and give your friend an unexpected hug! OOOOOOOOOOOO :)


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