Sunday, July 27, 2008


Probably appa's most favorite word! Ofcourse I'd been brought up in super disciplined confines and I am happy because it has helped me in many ways in my life. Right from waking up in the mornings to read the Sanskrit verses 10 years back to taking the 6.10am local and shuffling 3 trains to reach my work place 4 yrs back to waking up early in the morning to be at office before the clients come in today. After so many years this discipline of mine encountered a small glitch yesterday. I was supposed to be home on time and there I was late, after having a special lunch at one of my friend's house. That reminds me of those childhood days where we have to be home by 7pm to finish the home work and if we were even 2 minutes late, we would get a spanking from mommy. And yesterday was one such day! My mom nearly tore me into pieces with that stare ... ayooo... and she complained about me to my dad nearly a zillion times. :) Yes! Maybe I was wrong in my behaviour; but I never meant to be late and I personally dont like waiting for people or vice versa. But I finally commited a mistake and I still feel bad about it. Maybe tomorrow I should feel better ... but breaching discipline sometimes makes me happy. That reminds me of "Mouna Raagam" ... the Mani Ratnam movie and one of my favorite ... well ahead of its time. Revathi unlike the other siblings is total opposite and her father thinks shes not disciplined. Well... well there ends the story.


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