Monday, July 21, 2008

Avalanche breakdown

I like Genelia... shes extremely cute :) ... thats it period, she can do anything but act! I was heart broken to see such a pathetic Aamir Khan production movie. 20 mins ...that was my threshold and I didnt have patience to waste the precious 2.8 hours of my weekend in this super crappy and childish stuff. I'd a feeling ... did I grow really old to not like such movies? I dont think so. I've never liked such movies even as a teenager!

But I was happy about one thing though, I got to hear a lovely song Kabhi Kabhi Aditi ... by Rashid Ali. Good lyrics, amazing guitar and mindblowing voice :) Yay! I'm in love with Rashid Ali's voice. :) Per me, AR Rahman's music was the only saving grace(other than the sweet looking pair) in those 20 minutes and could be well extended for the entire movie. I was indeed happy to see all my friends mimic my thoughts ... atleast I'm not the only weirdo hehe ;) I tag it as a lousy movie which was so predictable.
For the ignorants, the movie being talked about is Janey Tu Ya Janey Na :P


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