Saturday, June 09, 2007

Ohh Lily, Don't be silly!

I simply love flowers, be it a lily or a rose or any other flower for that matter. Its again one of God's most beautiful handiworks. I took this photo last month from my church's garden. There are people who don't even give it a second look. People seem to be too busy with their work to even find time to enjoy the very simple things in life. Call me a flower freak, I would better tag myself a nature freak. I love them so much and hence they are part of my good morning mails. All this has made me to look after a small garden on our terrace. Its like a small school of naughty plants who refuse to flower when they are not given proper food. Now they seem to be in good terms with me. It really gives me a peace of mind when I go and meet them every morning. :-) Thank you daddy for introducing me to them.