Sunday, October 29, 2006

One of my dream destinations...

The Great Sphinx of Giza located in Cairo is a half-human Sphinx statue and among one of the largest single stone statues of the world.

Now the reason I would like to visit this particular marvel is obviously cuz of its history which is so very old(thats why its history lolz) and secondly cuz I love the Greek mythology:-) Guess what? Its got the body of a lion, the head of a man(should have been a woman thats what the legendary greek creature was!) and the wings of a bird. Ah! this reminds me of a similar kind of creature I watched in some horror movie??? :-) One more interesting thing to note is a small temple between its paws... probably called some Sphinx temple.

If you think the restoration activities began only in the 20th century, then you have to go back to your history books! It was started by Tutmosis and also by Ramesses. There has been a lot of debates on who actually constructed it, ofcourse by some pharaoh who was a miser. Or who is to use a poor quality limestone?? ;-) This has caused the erosion of this wonderful architecture and I hope it remains till I put my feet there and be awestruck.

The pyramid text written on the interior walls of the pyramid:
The arriver comes, now take thy throne and sail thou the sky, sail thou with the Imperishable stars.


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Pretty nice work... ;)


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