Sunday, February 20, 2011

Swim Swim Fishy

After my failed attempt to learn guitar I tried to do the next best thing on my list of to-dos. Swimming! Oh yeah, alright! :P Our swim coach was a pretty good and patient lady well into her late 40s and she owned a private pool where we used to practice. That reminds me of my first class; all I did was blow bubbles :P for an hour I was just blowing bubbles in water LOL I also watched some videos in Youtube on how to swim... I felt ashamed when I saw a 1-month baby swimming all by himself ;-( the fear of water was one thing that I couldnt take off my mind *sigh* I practiced after coming from work in my apartment pool for hours till late in the night... drank water upteem times... took water into my nostrils - trust me its the worst thing you can do! And how can I forget getting swimmer's ears, even the ear drops did no good and coming back to my apt at 10pm drenched in chlorine and my fingers all ghost looking was not a great feeling.. add to it I had to prepare my dinner for the night... not sure why I'm cribbing about it. I guess the reason would be I still cant swim totally! Only inside water... :P I mean only with my head inside water... once I raise my head to take a breath.. my feet goes in in in and I start drowning... crazy huh... I need more practice with this. Learning guitar has come back again in my list... the love for music doesnt die .. does it? ;-)

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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

INDIA - Like and Dislike

I do miss India when I'm away; after all isnt it my home? This 62nd Republic day makes me wonder what I "super like" and detest in my motherland. There are the same things that I love and hate at the same time... confusing huh? ;-) Like the attitude of the people; if you've been to Mumbai you know what I'm talking about. The never-say-die attitude works well in this competitive world; the people are tuned to survive in any given condition .. reminds me of cockroach; but arent the cockroaches surviving when the dinosaurs have become extinct? Let me stop talking about cockroaches as they are not on my fav list :P But the same attitude makes the politicians think they can give the people a very bad living condition and people wont still raise a concern. How many of us complain and how many of us turn a blind eye to it and live with it? Thats another reason why this attitude has caused the number one disease called Corruption. Another attitude of the people is the "chalta-hai" attitude which needs to really take a 180 deg turn to solve the current problems in the country. But I've hopes for the new India as most of the Indian population is in the 15-40 age group unlike other countries; so we are the change catalysts and I'm pretty sure in another 25 yrs things will become better as the old criminal politicians make way for the GenX to take on India. Till then I still need to dream of better India - with less pollution and corruption...

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Monday, November 29, 2010


Received a mail from my school friend in India who has joined her daughter to school and said about all the good things they are teaching the kids there. Though it is good to hear such things - cuz back in the 90s very few schools taught skating, music, etc. atleast not in our school. And I do not regret it a bit. I feel our generation enjoyed lot more freedom and had a stress free life. After school we used to play in the bus stop and then reach home tired and dirty and eat a nice lunch prepared by mom... then a power nap in the afty. Then some studying and then it would be play time; we used to jump over the compound walls and run all around the town. Who was afraid of kidnapping then? Everything seemed so good and nice. Now-a-days the kids are stressed out in schools itself and they are busy attending music, dancing, art, etc classes whether they like it or not... things have changed... I liked it better then though... I pity the kids of today...

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

My new IBM Thinkpad!!

Well its not really new but who cares? :) I'm a sucker for thinkpads and wanted to have one but then 2007 saw its death and birth of Lenovo. I saw this great deal on TigerDirect and couldnt wait to get my hands on it. It doesnt have a webcam but I dont really need one. It has WinXP Pro on it; my another favorite. I'm sick of Vista and I dont really like Win7 either. TigerDirect shipped it to me in just 3 days; how cool is that? Love it, love it, love it! :)

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Saturday, October 09, 2010

Fundoo Camera Work

I'm an avid youtuber and given that its an ocean of vdos out there, I found this vdo after almost a year, duh! This is an amazing vdo on the FIFA 2010 Official Song; done by a bunch of college students.


Thursday, September 30, 2010

Kate & Leopold

Have been watching movies like crazy; some have been sort of okay; some were good; very few were great. This movie was good timepass I would say. Meg Ryan is one of favorite actresses in Hollywood; her dupe in Bollywood would be Kajol to certain extent; but I still adore Meg more. She might not be all dolled up but still she has a charm like none other. The major reason I wanted to see this movie was for her b/c I personally dont like Hugh Jackman lol ;-) I'm more of a Johnny Depp or George Clooney lover. :P So we used to have fights between us roomies on who was better and they took me to watch the movie "Australia"... I was looking at my watch every 15 mins on when I can go home; I've never felt so bored or out of patience in my life. Seriously, I dont really see anything that great in him. All these stories apart, I watched Kate & Leopold and just fell in love with Jackman; reason#1 he was clean shaved and looked like a gentleman in this movie. He sure is a good actor no doubt; but he changed my opinion about him after seeing this movie. His British accent is pretty good too; hes a good horse rider and entertains very well. Hes that perfect guy every gal wants .. ahem... just his character in this movie lol... I would rate it a 7/10

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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Thank you God!

When I moved to Arkansas last year I was very glad to find the right apartment which is just opposite to a lovely park. The first day I entered the park my idea of the US changed a bit. I always felt most of the places in the US were artificial even nature didnt look natural, but AR is different. When we were back from our LV trip, I was so really happy to be back to AR; so lovely, so peaceful, so simple yet so real. Everyday I go to the park I see a different pattern in the sky... a beautiful colored sky which I've never seen before in my life and seeing the moon through the leafless tall trees is so divine and I feel so close to God. Today was one such day, I saw a regal blue sky on one side of the park; on the other side was a greyish yellow sky with some clouds sprinkled carelessly and the horizon was a rosy. And there was the half moon between those huge trees and it took my breath away. Though these cannot be captured that beautifully by a camera as by the naked eye, I felt bad for not capturing it. Well, everyday I think I should carry my camera along as everyday the sky has its own spectrum of color but everyday I forget. But all these have just gotten me realize that I'm a pure nature lover and prefer the country side than the cities. :)